About us

Design / Design-Build

ITC Water Management, Inc. has designed and/or master planned many thousands of acres of non-potable and agricultural irrigation systems, complete private potable water systems, as well as dual water systems. ITC can design your next project, either as a conventional design, bid, and construct project or as a design-build project. ITC prides itself on providing its clients with straightforward engineering solutions that deliver the desired results with due consideration to initial cost and on-going operating and maintenance costs. As to whether to go conventional design or design-build, both approaches have merit. In some cases, preparing full plans and specifications and obtaining competitive bids is the best method to achieve the owner’s needs. In many cases, the design-build approach can provide the owner with a predicable cost, quicker delivery of the finished project, and most importantly, a lower total installed cost. When deadlines and budgets are critical, the design-build process let’s you be in control.
ITC also has expertise in preparing and processing permits and required engineering reports to receive Department of Health and other governmental approvals. On many of these assignments we collaborate with other professionals who are experts in their field to deliver timely, affordable results.

Our expertise in this area includes Recycled Water Consulting Reports, R-1, R-2, and R-3 Reuse Plans, Preliminary Engineering Reports, Business Plans for financial capacity reports, privatization plans, water resources studies, and surface water system assessments.


ITC Water Management, Inc. has over 30 years of experience building water systems in Hawaii. In our early years, we were focused on large scale irrigation systems serving the major plantations. During these years we installed over 11,000 acres of irrigation systems on seven of Hawaii’s eight major islands. Over the years, our project scope has expanded to include major water transmission lines, distribution systems, water storage tanks and surface water reservoirs, golf course irrigation systems, wastewater systems, pressure sewer systems, wastewater reuse facilities, water treatment plants, complete private water systems (including dual water systems), surface water system replacements and repairs, and much more. .

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Specialists

ITC has installed HDPE pipe in sizes from 1” to 48” for applications as diverse as supplying seawater for the Natural Energy Laboratory Hawaii Authority (NELHA) facilities on the Big Island to potable and non-potable transmission pipelines on every major Hawaiian island. These systems include private drinking water and non-potable irrigation systems, recycled water and wastewater force mains, drainage systems, etc.
HDPE pipe has many unique characteristics that make it the material of choice for many applications. Typically joined by a heat fusion process, the pipe is fused together in a seamless, leak proof joint that is stronger than the pipe itself. Fused HDPE joints present several benefits beyond the obvious lack of leakage attributed to conventional standard pipe joints. For more information on HDPE pipe click here.

Surface Water Systems Management

ITC manages several large private surface water systems from mountain stream intakes through extensive ditch and tunnel systems, surface reservoirs, pipelines, filter and pump stations to end user. Our 30 plus years of experience with numerous statewide agricultural irrigation systems provides a solid foundation for efficiently and cost effectively keeping these systems productive as they continue to age. Flume replacements with economical HDPE inverted siphons and slip lining of fragile tunnel systems with HDPE piping have extended the service life of several surface water systems at considerably less cost than would be possible with conventional repairs or replacements.