ITC Water Management, Inc. has over 30 years of experience building water systems in Hawaii. Our early years focused on large scale irrigation systems serving the major plantations. During these years, we installed over 11,000 acres of irrigation systems on seven of Hawaii’s eight major islands. Over the years, our project scope has expanded to include major water transmission lines, distribution systems, water storage tanks and surface water reservoirs, golf course irrigation systems, wastewater systems, pressure sewer systems, wastewater reuse facilities, water treatment plants, complete private water systems (including dual water systems), surface water system replacements and repairs, and much more.

A glimpse of ITC’s breadth of construction capabilities is shown by the photos below of a sampling of ITC’s past projects:

1. Large Diameter HDPE Installations


48" HDPE anchored to side of cliff, Pipeworkby ITC

48" HDPE anchored to side of cliff. Pipework by ITC

ITC owns 25 fusion machines with capacity of up to 48'' in diameter

2. Remote Access Installations


3. Inverted Siphon Replacements



4. Flume and Tunnel HDPE Sliplining

5. Stream Diversion Rehabilitation Design, Permitting, and Construction

6. Filter and Pump Stations

"From several thousand gallons per day..."

Six Million Gallon Per Day Filter Station

" .... to several million gallons per day."

" ... and everything in between."

7. Seawater Pumping Systems

ITC supplied Fybroc Pumps move more than 60,000,000 gallons of seawater each day through the state’s finest water features, aquariums, and industrial facilities.

8. Water Storage Tanks

9. SCADA Controls

Remote solar powered repeater station using a Motorola Store and Forward System.

10. Reservoir Rehabilitation

11. New Reservoirs

12. Hydromulching